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6. Holy CBGA+CBG 30ml 10.67%

6. Holy CBGA+CBG 30ml 10.67%

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Holy CBGa (6.9%) plus 2.03% CBG, 1.26% CBDv, +, with Mango Kush terpenes, MCT Oil, Grapefruit.

Use religiously at dusk and dawn.

When anointing your precious objects, start low, go slow, and let god guide you.

As dangerous as grapefruit, Tigerdrops are prohibited foods in nz, and are not intended for the treatment or prevention of any disease or condition.

Sales support activism. Lets improve things.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Bevan Heath
Holy CBGA+

Great product
My fur baby loves it too

Pam Crisp

A beauitiful, healing product. Made by God, delivered through human intervention, with love

KT Skipper
Blessed Relief

Well what can I cryptically say given that Tigerdrops is a prohibited food?

Having done a little research I cobbled together a few pieces of advice and blessed myself with some oily drops. It was kind of tricky to know how much blessing to do but I gave it a crack. My arthritic knee enjoyed the blessing immensely and creaked less, bent a little easier and in general complained less about getting older, feeling the cold and being worn out.

Praise be says the knee. On a side note . . . I slept the sleep of a log.

I am not blessing myself everyday as my knee is humming along with a happy tune and is content. HIGHLY recommend.

Thank you for the free gift (CBG 16%) which was different from what I purchased. I took that to mean I should bless myself with CBGA / CBG 16% and have found both products equally effective.

Graeme Carter

The Holy Oil had given me reflection and peace.