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  • 100gram Hemp balm made with golden hemp seed oil, hemp, beeswax.
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Hemp Chrism Balm #2

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Made with in NZ with local Beeswax, golden Hemp seed oil, and Hemp, this 100gm balm is one part natural beeswax to three parts golden Hemp seed oil and three parts Hemp oil.
Use it religiously. While mainly intended to bless your body with holiness; this multipurpose balm may also support dry, cracked, irritated, sore skin and muscles.

- May support the skins balance.

- May bring peace to angry skin.

- May motivate movement, even if your body is used to saying no

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Liane Mitchell
I love the hemp oil

Great stuff

Penelope G
Holy balm

Loving the religious use of this balm. Anointing knees and other joints. Remarkable

Love the balm

I have found the balm so good, it’s really soothing to my which is normally very hard to find anything that helps - love this product and plan to use it long term!

Mark Cavanagh
Love it

Great product is hemp balm just love it

The balm is divine!

I use the Hemp Chrism Balm #2 to keep my skin devils in line and the hemp does a good job of that. The "bad stuff" sheds off of my face after about a week of use, instead of going for repeated "whittling down”. I highly recommend it for anyone with skin devils