Cannabis is a Tree of Life. A strategic resource and a sacred plant.

Here in NZ, Tigerdrops are Novelty Cannabis Collectables, "for political discourse."

eg. "Why are Hemp extracts like CBG prohibited foods in NZ?"

As a historian, Im also pleased to offer you Tigerdrops as 'Holy Hemp Oils', in accordance with Scripture. Its crazy, but its true. Cannabis is sacred to many major religions, including Judeo-Christianity. On this site you will find historical evidence that may challenge your worldview, but its worth considering and exploring. Hemp is truly Sacred. Its more important than you may think. Use Tigerdrops religiously (at dusk and dawn), and Peace be with us.

The history of Hemp is one that leads to ideas of sovereignty, and Constitutional rights and responsibilities.

To use your holy hemp oil: start low, go slow, and let god guide you.

Owing to *politics* payment is by Bank transfer only. Payment details are provided after you complete your order. Thank you for your understanding.

'Tigerdrops are not intended for consumption, or the treatment or prevention of any disease or condition.'

Tigerdrops aims to raise $200,000 for a Judicial Review of what seems govt funny business over Hemp. (Or else get around to writing it myself for cheaper, but its a hassle and im busy right now. Steadily in view...) So please, support my work by purchasing Tigerdrops and "spreading the gospel of hemp" to your family and friends.

Thank you for your trust.

CSC holders, drop me a line. Yes. NZs rarest and Holiest Hemp Oils are at Tigerdrops. This is a labour of love rooted in my family history, personal experience, and the inspiring work of Helen Kelly. Her courageous truth telling led me to found both the Hemp Foundation, and Tigerdrops Hemp.

OIAs show Mrs Kelly was denied food grade CBD/THC products from the USA for her lung cancer. Ironic, given evidence suggests CBD and THC could have potentially saved her life. See here, here, here, and here.

Bizarrely, those same OIAs also show the Ministry of Health sought and received "Ethics approval" that if any US or EU food grade products were eventually approved for any patient in New zealand, that this 'would not set a precedent'.

Furthermore, the same year that Ms Kelly was being denied food grade products for her lung cancer, NZs own Ministry of Health seems to have potentially committed Criminal Nuisance and/or Public Malfeasance to ensure that every ANZAC was denied Cannabinoids as foods. By a seemingly perverse interpretation of international law.

"to distinguish between a food and a therapeutic avoid blurring the line between food and therapeutic" ....despite the Food Regulator knowing them to be both safe and beneficial.

This apparent fraud was later cemented when the 2006 Hemp Regulations were broken under the guise of 'legalising medical cannabis'. Counter to public perceptions at the time, what this meant was that Hemp farmers lost their existing legal right to make 'any product of hemp', and all privileges for extracting compounds from hemp fell to 'medical cannabis companies'. Thus ensuring an inquitable and unfair pharmaceutical monopoly.

Might the Ministry have a conflict of interest? $10m of its $12.2m total budget comes from 'third party revenue', which sounds fraught. Seems worth a look? If most funding of MedSafe (the brain of MoH) is reliant on industry; Might it be a genuine problem for them if cannabis reduced many medicine sales? We can fix this by funding them. Which we can do. Its our financial system. But when the bankers beat us in the 80s and 90s, and broke us down from Citizens to consumers, did we forgot that fact? It doesnt have to be rigged against us. But, if we want change, we should probably stand up for the public interest being served in public service. Markets can be a bull that ploughs, or a leopard that eats our faces. We should choose carefully. Its a strange thing that forty years of neoliberal market reforms has destroyed public monopolies to create private monopolies.With most of us getting poorer as a result, and our infrastructure falling apart.

Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine said "let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. Because the physician tends, but nature mends." How odd that our public servants should seek to deny us natural justice by deceit. Lets improve things.

Please support the Hemp Foundation by spreading the gospel of Hemp; and by purchasing Tigerdrops Novelty Cannabis Collectables and Holy Hemp OIls.

Click the button below to see our Holy Hemp Oils and NCCs.

Thanks, tadhg

  • Hemps Mysteries & Miracles.

    Jesus Healing the Blind under Kaneh Bosem, in the Roman Catholic Cathedral of Monreale, in Sicily. 1177 AD.

    Famous Polish scholar Sula Benet traced the emptymology of Cannabis/Kaneh Bosem back to the Semitic peoples. Cannabis Sativa is a treasure of human history. 'Sativa' means 'cultivated'. Our most ancient and important crops are 'Sativas'. (eg. Oats, rice, garlic, peas, lettuce,....) and Kaneh Bosem was known to the Hebrew people; up until the time of King Soloman, greatest and wisest of Kings. As proven by sacred archaological alters marked with burned Cannabis.

    Cannabis Sativa's sacred nature is also recorded in the mosaics of a thousand year old UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Basilica di Monreale of Sicily.

    Built by King William II of Sicily, it was blessed by Pope Alexander III, Pope Lucius III, and Pope Clement IV.

    The Cathedral contains many images of Kaneh Bosem / the Tree of Life, (and psychedelic mushrooms abound in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve).

    Early (Gnostic) Christians held that the 'divine spark' is in each of us. They sought self realisation as human beings, and used entheogens for mystic revelations of divine human connection with the universe and each other. The value of these experiences is now being proven by modern science.

    Evil is always with us though, and within a couple of hundred years Pope 'Innocent VIII' was persecuting hags ('wise women') for sorcery ('Pharmakeia') across Europe.

    In this atmosphere, Hemp / Cannabis / Kaneh Bosem was purged from the Church (which took up Ursury, and Indulgences) and its history; even though it was a vital ingredient in the Holy Oil of Moses.

    Use it Religiously.

    Cannabis is Holy, a sacred plant, a functional food, and a strategic resource. Offering us all independence; it's safe, prohibited, and privatised. Hemp is Cannabis, biblical Kaneh Bosem. Kaneh is one of the oldest root words in human history. Because it is our oldest and most useful crop, Hemp/Cannabis is a resource in a burning world.

    It is a tree of Life.

  • Holy Oil: Cannabis Sativa

    The Holy Oil of the Jews was given to Moses by a burning bush. Or so he said. The recipe is for several kilos each of five sacred plants. Myrrh, Cinnamon, Cassia Fistula, Cannabis Sativa, Olive oil. The Hebrew Torah has the recipe, but not the Greek or English translatiomns, in Exodus, 30: 22-23. Anointing with Holy oil made a Messiah, as it did also Kings. 'Messiah' means 'anointed', And Christ is a translation of Messiah. The Ark of the Covenant was anointed with Holy Oil, as was the Tent of the Tabernacle; and much Kaneh Bosem/Cannabis incense was also burned for Yahweh/Jehovah and his wife Asherah, according to Scripture, and resinous remains found on sacred alters at the Shrine of Arad prove it. The Tent of the Tabernacle seems to have been whats called a "hot box" today. Furthermore, The Times of Israel tells us Jesus was "Panteras prodigy" in the temple; the bastard child of a Roman legionary. This 'outsider' status may explain his willingness to challenge authority; to whip the money changers from the Temple, to use the priests Holy Oil for healing the common people, and to challenge the moneyed class by proclaiming 'the year of the Lord' in Nazareth. AKA a Debt Jubilee year. 

    Usually proclaimed by Kings, Jubilees protected the people from the debt trap of financial elites. Is this why those elites accused Jesus of setting himself up as 'King of the Jews', and demanding his death? The assasination of Julius Caesar bears similarities, in that he too was taking action to secure the oppressed majority of his people against the neoliberal oligarchs of the day. Hence his popularity with the previously exploited and abused masses. he embodied the Platonic ideals of the Pursuit of Virtue Over Wealth; until he made himself Dictator for life anyway, and then found himself dead.

    Plato's critique of wealth addiction and oligarchy is fundamentally about the moral and ethical corruption that arises when individuals or societies prioritize material wealth over virtue, wisdom, and the common good.

    Guarding Against Excess: A key aspect of Plato's philosophy is the concept of moderation and the dangers of excess, whether in terms of wealth, power, or personal desires. His ideal society is one in which resources and opportunities are distributed in a way that ensures the well-being of all citizens, not just a privileged few.

    Education and Moral Development

    For Plato, the antidote to greed and the pursuit of unjust power is education—specifically, an education that nurtures wisdom, ethical understanding, and a sense of duty towards the common good.

    Which brings us back to the Jubilee Jesus proclaimed in Nazareth. All personal (not commercial) debts were erased in a Jubilee. Luke 4:17–19 as: 'The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor.

    Many people have heard of the Rosetta Stone, but few know what it said. The Rosetta Stone proclaimed a Jubilee year in three languages. It thus gave us the key to deciphering hieroglyphics, but it tells a story of economic regeneration. Of freedom from predatory finance, and economic polarisation. Both of which we seem to suffer from since 1984, when the bankers won.

    The Nag Hammadi Library tells us Jesus Christ sent his followers out with pouches of Oil to "heal the sick in my name, that they might follow me'. Heaven knows what he meant by that. But Cannabis seems likely to have been involved, and an old school concern for humanity.

    Let's improve things. We can. Knowledge is power. Truth is justice. Corruption is death.

    What would Jesus do?

  • An injustice of the system?

    Did MoH tell fibs to deny us Cannabinoid foods and remedies?

    An injustice of the system?

    Did MoH tell fibs to deny us Cannabinoid foods and remedies?

  • About Tigerdrops

    About Tigerdrops

    Our world needs to change. Lets change it. In 2016 a High School History teacher called Tadhg Stopford (Kia Ora! Hi there) Co-founded the Hemp Foundation with a GP friend,...


    About Tigerdrops

    Our world needs to change. Lets change it. In 2016 a High School History teacher called Tadhg Stopford (Kia Ora! Hi there) Co-founded the Hemp Foundation with a GP friend,...

  • BBC - Cannabis Part of Worship in Jewish Temple

    BBC - Cannabis Part of Worship in Jewish Temple

    The BBC reports that Ancient Israelites burned cannabis as part of their religious rituals, an archaeological study has found. A well-preserved substance found in a 2,700-year-old temple in Tel Arad...

    BBC - Cannabis Part of Worship in Jewish Temple

    The BBC reports that Ancient Israelites burned cannabis as part of their religious rituals, an archaeological study has found. A well-preserved substance found in a 2,700-year-old temple in Tel Arad...

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